wphoto6We are blessed to have a caring and dedicated team of teachers and support staff that strive, every day, to help each student learn and grow.

Here is a brief introduction to our teachers and staff.


Dr. Nancy Bryson - Head of School and TeacherNancyBryson

Dr. Bryson has a Bachelor of Science, Master Degree and Doctorate Degree, all in Education. Her specialty is in ESE/Special Education. 

Prior to joining Holy Trinity school, Dr. Bryson held the positions of Assistant Principal, Administrator of Special Education, Coordinator of Special Needs and Dean of Student Services, as well as that of Teacher.




Karissa Silvers - Teacher

A native of Lake County, Mrs. Silvers graduated as co-valedictorian from The Villages High School, earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Central Florida, graduating summa cum laude and has a copy-editing certificate from the University of California, San Diego. Ms. s teaches Language Arts for both Middle School and High School students, as well as Religion/Bible and Tutoring.



MaryAnn Main - Teacher

Mrs. Main earned a Masters Degree in Software Engineering and has worked in a variety of fields, including 18 years as a Computer Consultant with Ford Motor Company.

This year she is teaching Math, Basic Computers and a Social Studies Elective class.




We are also blessed to have a group of tutors and volenteers that help some of our students with an extra measure of time and attention.  


Together, we work to create opportunities for our students to learn and grow.